CWJS4D Selfie in Blue 14th July 2016Once upon a time a Professional in Office Management became a Mother then a Student and somewhere along the way, she realised her passion for the Art and Crafting of words found within Books.

In reading Children’s Classics to Modern Women Writers from a variety of Cultures, as a mature student, at the University of Hull. She finally realised her obsession to understand where words originated.

During her studies she was invisible and as a new writer she comfortably prefers to be the observer, listening, watching and forming an understanding of the world, today.

img_1491Being a female writer brought with it objectification and satire and she accepted that every day would continue to be a state of forever learning.  Her own satirical sense of humour debated how a woman can have the Profession of four men without recompense nor recognition and in 2015 she made radical choices that would make feminists scream, but it was a wise decision, for she was granted the time allowed to research, study and lifelong learn for a further self-educated three years.

Julie has been writing:

A (f)ilosophy for the Art of Creative Writing

November 2014 – October 2017

This blog shares One Creative Writer’s Progress, discovering voices through poetry and prose, combining her Social Health and Welfare experience with Philosophical research, hoping to mindfully understand the basic epistemology for words and essentially encouraging and promoting the Art Form and practice of Creative Writing.

It has been a life changing experience for the Writer so far.

The blog is a reflection of what she has learned, creatively written and volunteered, all for free.

Let us face the truth, we can’t believe everything we read, but we can only know if we are to read for ourselves.

All views are her own and follow a universal code of practice, unless otherwise referenced.

Enjoy reading…

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