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If you have found me in the swamp of social media then I hope you will be satisfied with what you find here. This website talks Creative Writing, sharing poetry, short-story and novel ideas. Sometimes the words are self-published, and one day I will seek a trustworthy traditional publisher, but for now I wanted to do something to test myself.

For me, Creative Writing is a topic that became a passion quite a long time ago, you can take a look at the backstory if you want to. You don’t have to. This website is not here to force you to do anything you don’t want to do. It is a place where I share my progress as One of many Writers, who has many interests and I want to share the thoughts and passions I understand for being kind, taking a little time-out to consider the world around us, from child to animal welfare, to landscaping the environment. In sharing my thoughts, I may be of help and support to others. I have a motto: that we don’t really know unless we read for ourselves.  We are all works in progress and sometimes we need to take some time-out, to become self-aware and learn to appreciate and make choices based upon our own core values.

An online acquaintance recently suggested I am a ‘Deep Creative Thinker’ who writes family-friendly material. He was right! The media out there tends to say, write about what you know, so I do.  I share what I see. The words shared on here are in a variety of style (genre, to the literary realm), from poetry to prose, or in other words, poems, short-stories and articles sharing One Writer’s Progress.

I completely encourage comments and feedback, because for me, progress is much more swift with welcome critique. Where to begin? Wherever you choose. It’s up to you.


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