5 Second Rule

Have you ever heard of this? The 5 Second Rule discovered by Mel Robbins. I hadn’t! Not until quite recently since I became an Ambassador for the Psychologies Magazine.  I know I often talk about the writer’s progress. However, in following this rule for a week, I’ve gone and done a few wild things. Should I have done them? Why not, if it works for others this 5 Second Rule, it was certainly worth giving it a try.

It was back in January 2018 that I took the plunge, instead of thinking too hard about the next step of my adventure as a Writer, it was time to stop thinking and just do. I used to have that approach in my younger years, but now I have the responsibility of a family, it seemed a bit crazy.

My progress has been very well organised and executed to date, even though I do say so myself having read a number of interesting books, which helped. Head over to my Goodreads reviews for a little insight.

If you’re interested to find out how a 5 second rule can be applied in One Writer’s Progress in becoming a Professional Writer, I am not talking the ‘pick-up-food rule’, read on

J. Spencer © March 2018


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