Truth about Roots

Thirty Seconds

One minute your listening to the radio and driving a long, then over the airwaves it is announced that Bowie is dead, the next thirty seconds I will never forget…

After hearing the news, I continued…

Driving, it was unusual to see a queue of cars on the brow of Swanland Dale, headed toward the bypass A164. I decided that when the time was right I would take a short cut left down onto Riplingham Road, heading to Westfield Road and then Eppleworth. It was just as quick. Waiting in the queue with at least twenty cars ahead of me, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a white car behind me, quite close, and a truck headed toward the line of cars, I was sure the driver would see the queue and slow-down in good time. It was a dank dull morning, windscreen wipers on, wet roads. Caution is always my companion when driving today and every other day with so many elements against the driver.

I glanced forward, no movement, I looked back and could still see the truck load driving toward the line of cars, the driver in the white car at my rear appeared nonchalant, but I couldn’t help feel a sense of fear. I started to think: should I move to the right and try to overtake these cars? I needed to be out of this line, something was wrong! I couldn’t get out of the line, there was nowhere for me to go! I would have been driving illegally on the oncoming lane and there was only a grass verge into a ditch to my left. The truck was still coming, every bone and muscle in my body tightened preparing for impact. There was no avoiding what was about to happen.

The truck was upon us, the white car behind me I could no longer focus on, I was watching a truck breaking hard and swerving, every second in that moment counted and although I was very aware that there is a lesser risk of body trauma if the body is in a relaxed state, my hands tightened and clenched around the steering wheel and my neck locked. It was like watching a film reel that I was acting within, there was no escape, no director cuts, this was really happening all I could do was wait for the moment to arrive and pray for a miracle.

I watched on through my rear view mirror as the truck appeared to halt and skid to the left, its large white face threatened me, then shifted and rolled onto the grass verge, into the ditch with its green caravan cargo tilted onto an axis.

Exhilaration flowed though me. I was happy for my life and thankful for the driver who had made a choice, they had made a move that had saved a pile up and I was spell bound. I looked ahead. The cars were beginning to move. I ebbed forward with the accelerator, but my heart wanted to stop the car and get out. I wanted to see if the driver of the truck was okay. If they felt anything like I did at that moment, they would be in a state of ferocious euphoria and thankful for split-second action they took this morning.

I am being very quick in writing this report of events that happened this morning at approximately 9:03am on the route home from a Monday morning school run 11th January 2016. Already, I have watched three police cars and two fire engines pass my home, as I make a cup of tea and calm my nerves having being a witness to a scenario that has helped me appreciate every second and moment of my life. I have a feeling that I know where the red engines and flashing cars are headed.

To a place where I have just experienced a moment.

When the driver had jumped out of the truck (I saw him as I had continued to drive away) through my rear view mirror, someone jumped out into the ditch. They may be feeling bad that they have landed their cargo in a ditch, however whoever you were and whatever happens from this moment on, thank you so much for making that final second decision to swerve into the ditch, you gave me the opportunity to drive home in one piece today and that is something I will appreciate from your actions, for a very long time.

#Kindness appears in many forms

Thank you for reading.

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