The turning of decades the

milestones ahead, taken to

places of mud, woods, lakes.

Nurturing half cooked, damp.


A blind eye is baked, banked.

Standing before us, forlorn

Lie down for a rest, in peace.

Within a fortress of pranks


Kindred spirit finds a core

A freedom often fixed for

each cell  enlightening

the iris, pupils widening


Glorification once more

Seek pleasure in life, adore.


Thank you for reading my words.

Written 6th May 2016, in response to  little research upon a #Fridayfeeling and The Tollund Man by Saemus Heaney and an image taken from RobinWood, UK. (Not shown to date.)

The Feature image by

The Poem is Copyright to CWJS4D 2016

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