A Confidential Witness… Part 1


It’s quite tricky, when you’re bound by confidentiality and a gentleman’s handshake, to blog or not to blog?

There is something pressing that always wants to be shared because in today’s day and decade, we must share everything that we know or find ourselves as an outcast, social media has seen to that.

Telling of an experience whereby the narrator is the witness, there will be no protection for what is about to unfold.

It’s not about a near death! It isn’t even a moral code to which I am bound. It is only a small secret. A secret exchanged not written, nor sanctified on a single piece of paper. There was one piece a paper that I did sign, for I have witnessed.

It would be lovely to share with you what happened because the experience was exhilarating, heart-warming and captivating. It’s a moment that I will choose to cherish beyond words, for many years. It was the moment when I was asked to be a witness to two strangers.

It was a Friday like any other Friday in Yorkshire, well maybe not! The skies were filled with blue and brimming sunshine, a rarity.

The people on the streets were milling along, and I was destined to meet a friend for a cup of tea and chat about our recent publications and discuss our own adventures of the week. As I walked through the village in the glorious sunshine, I couldn’t help but notice that there were so many strangers particularly well dressed. I wondered what if? Maybe they were headed for the Beverley Races! Was it on?  Maybe they had a special occasion to attend to, a christening or a birthday, maybe.  I pondered my gaze over the well-dressed people for more than a few seconds. It was the most energy I had spent in considering another person’s life in one day, if a week.

Enough! I thought. I was running a little late, like a rabbit rushing to wonderland, I rebooted my mind to the destination in hand, onward to the See or not to See Coffee shop.

She was there already, sat. I was greeted with a beaming smile. I ordered my tea, and had my visitors card stamped then sat myself opposite my friend.  We chatted for a few moments, filling in time and the gaps that we both wanted to share and know of. We collected our spoons and stirred our drinks, mine was a tea, hers was a coffee, short, filled with caffeine for the buzz. We smiled and I remarked at how wonderfully happy everyone in our sphere appeared to be that day.  She grinned again.  I hinted that there must be something exciting happening that very same day, as so many people seemed to have made an effort with their attire. It was the truth. Everyone looked amazing!

Suddenly, a lady appeared to my right and hovered over our table, she shone of navy and pale blue stripes and dazzling whites. She hesitated then asked, “I wonder! If you don’t mind! Erm, would you two ladies have a spare twenty minutes to attend a ceremony?”

My friend and I glanced at one another with stretched back smiles, communicating without words,  was this for real?  We returned our stare to the Lady and replied in unison, “Sure!”

We didn’t know whether it was a wind up comedy being playing out, or a potential horror story. However, we agreed.   The stunning lady returned to her seat, she sat opposite a chap in a pink shirt, he smiled back at her first, then glanced to us, and nodded. His blonde hair with a splash of grey, swept back from his face it looked unruly. His blue eyes sparked with mischief. What were these two up to? The lady responded as if reading our minds. She told us we had plenty of time to finish our drinks. We continued with our chat as if nothing had occurred.

Ten minutes passed then we were asked, “Are you ready?” We nodded and grabbed our shoulder bags, walking out of the See or not to See Coffee shop as a party of four. Three women and one man ambled together through the bustling street, crossing a road, nerves began to take over, and adrenalin rushed through my brain. Where were we headed?

To be continued…

Copyright to Julie Spencer 4D, June 2016

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