Truth about Roots

Thinking Statistically!

When I decided in May 2015 that I truly wanted to become a Full-Time Professional Writer, I chose to take a step back from the Tutoring of Children with Special Educational needs 1:1, (generally excluded from school,) and agreed with my family that I would invest a little time in myself, becoming an Author.

I have set myself a Professional Writer’s Strategy

Titled: A (F)ilosophy for the Art of Creative Writing.

Commencing November 2014, complete by October 2017

As May 2016 has drifted by, it is time to have an annual review of progress:


Being a parent myself, with two Primary School age children, I am fortunate and have the choice to choose to be a stay at home parent, always there, when I am needed. It is what I wanted to do.  However, the way this world works provides at least five daylight hours and three evening hours, to write. I appreciate I should be cooking and cleaning and tending to the domestic realms of motherhood, expected by society, even today. Maybe watch daytime tele, or have a class of vino…

I don’t!  If I was out of the home, employed. I wouldn’t be around to do all of those things mentioned, hence… I write, I write, I write.

Although I consider statistics to be bendable, to suit. I do believe, if we are to take a situation seriously and commit to something, we need to have hard evidence to ensure our experiences have been purposeful. Without dialogue, communication, notes, and reports, how do we quantify progress from time-wasting?


Here are some statistics that I have pulled together, highlighting how much time I’ve committed in the last year, in order to become a Professional Writer. I’ve paid £360 in research this year, and earned royalties of 19p.

Thankfully, if Writing is a career that makes you happy then time rushes by and will always be enjoyable.  I have accumulated  1520 hours of writing practice between 2015-2016.

Social Media Activity

I adore technology and the digital world. However, I also love to pick up a paperback to read, to escape the glare of the screen, therefore it is valuable to appreciate that many outlets, provide variety and choice, and time needs to be used wisely, don’t over commit nor ignore opportunities.

 CWJS4D ICT Activity Summer 2016


Professional Writer’s Practice:

When committing to the challenge of becoming an Independent Author, in the first stage of eBooks, there is more to the practice than pure writing. A writer has to research, to edit, to network and to self-publish.  I have often found myself thinking,  am I presently in the month of April? To find I am now in July.

CWJS4D Active Writer's Practice 2016

Marketing Platform

A writer has to be realistic, if we are writing online and sharing our topics, and words, whether personal, fact or fiction, the information is for the public to read. Unless otherwise protected.  In being public with words, I call this a Marketing Platform. I have been drawn into two promising sites, and I’ve also become proud to be part of a voluntary writers group, April 2016 formed Conch-Us Writing, tagged as Networking.

CWJS4D ICT Platform Summer 2016

Thank you to the many wonderful followers that accumulate to over 2.5K over and, as I continue to be a Professional Writer in Practice, full-time. I do hope I am able to enchant you with my random writing works for many more years to come.

The strategy has a deadline of 2018, but there will always be another strategy ahead. The ability to become a writer, is to be resilient and a self-starter. It’s great to have one years practice achieved.  The stats, don’t really show how much fun I’ve had.

During 2016, I have created a new logo, headers, and improved skills in Graphic Design. Assisted other writers, editorial and critiques. I have developed Illustrations, technical skills in ICT and gained an abundance of self-belief.

To succeed all we need to do is create the time to practise!

Thank you for reading:

CWJS4D Header for Twitter 14th July 2016


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