Recently my husband was asked to read out a poem by Jenny Joseph, called ‘When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple’ this poem was for a funeral.

It is unfortunate to have to share, that this poem didn’t make it to the funeral.

Here follows the poetic plot…

If you haven’t read the poem by J.Joseph before now, then you may find it somewhere on the net. (You could try here!)

We completely understood why it would have been a choice, because the association with the colour purple is of aging, the elderly and dying. Isn’t it!

Do we seriously believe that?

Purple is a colour often worn at weddings, it is a colour that adorns my garden every summer, it is the colour of the flower upon the herb thyme and it is often found within the paintings by Van Gogh, did any of that rhyme? 

The colour purple, is enchanting, it is alluring, it is sultry, sleek and prime.

The colour purple is on towels, bedding so to speak:

Purple is for children, princesses, lavender and shells,

Purple is for hats, for tops, for skirts, for shirts, for lapels.

Purple is for wallpaper, for vases, for the ornate.

Have some respect for Purple, it’s a mix of red and blue.

From primary to secondary, to adulthood. It’s how we choose.


If we choose to spit on streets and take samples from a store,

We are the same, at every step of life it is only knowledge of what

We do, that abhors. If you wish to buy a candle, do it, shine that light.

If you want to make a noise or two, forewarn the neighbours, be polite.


If you seriously have always wanted to wear your slippers in the rain,

Stop the moaning and the whining and rush out whilst thunder claps,

Dance like a fairy, wave your wand, avoid a relapse. Life was given

To the living and think about what you do, for the only person in

Life that can make you happy, is you!  Purple is life cool hue.


July 20164D Solo Logo 08072016 10_43

Thank you for reading my words.

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