September 2016 has been an interesting month with many twists and turns. Mostly it has been a lot of fun.

In being a mum of two children, two dogs, a snow-white rabbit and a few goldfish, life is never completely still. In being an Independent Writer, sharing words with the world, it has been a time of gratitude.

I would like to share a little of the fun I’ve experienced with you, over the next few weeks.

First, I must first give you a little background information:

Back in June/July 2016 I wrote a few emails to the potential participants of ‘Who am I?’ asking who might like to embark upon a little harmless fun, which incorporated a wealth of thanks and appreciation for the listening to strangers upon the Radio, they inspire me daily, to write creatively.

The names I am not yet able to reveal fully!

That’s  now become the fun part.

Over the coming weeks I shall reveal four Concrete Poetic Profiles of Thanks. I’ll abbreviate that long title to CPPTs

Of the four emails that I sent out requesting their permission to blog them, I received one reply. Thank you,  Cosmic Ken!

As Ken thankfully responded and gave his permission to use his photograph too, it is only fair, that he goes first and takes the lead. However, the three other CPPT inspirations, haven’t yet responded. Maybe a blessing in disguise! It means you will have to guess who they are meant to be.

Have fun guessing!

 Who am I?



4D Logo & Title with Copyright Symbol 08072016 10_44September 2016 🙂

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