What tune does money sing?

“Nightmare for holiday makers as pound could be worth the same as…” (Mirror)6/10/16 – MSN

When I saw this statement on the internet, drawing me in to read a news article in the Mirror.  I couldn’t help but, feel disappointed. 

I chose not to read the article. Why?

Well, I am as others may identify as a British Citizen, born in Britain. However, throughout life I have had the good fortune and opportunity to travel, whether as an expat and/or taking holidays and today I choose to voice an opinion.

For what it’s worth –

If we are given the opportunity to live abroad, it becomes relatively obvious, that we have to become savvy in what the exchange rate is, because, exchanging money is all part of the travelling…blah blah bla…

When I lived in Greece in the 90s, prior to the monetary shift to the Euro, I loved to learn how to spend the Drachma that I earned. I used to feel rich! I sometimes had Seven Thousand Drachma in my pocket, which often translated into the British Twenty Pound note.

Unfortunately, the translation of this money into the British Pound was often a deflating process.


In Greece I was rich, abundant, and to the UK it translated as surviving.

This is where I choose to emphasise a thought.

The Tourist industry flourished in the 90s because from what I remember, the British Holiday maker saw themselves as bagging a bargain.

I always took great pleasure in knowing, I was living the holiday dream. The people living and working in the tourist environments worked for a living and every day of their lives, appreciating the weather and their natural landscapes.

It was an amazing time in my life, although, some often did take it for granted.


I now live in the UK and recently, during the decade of 2010, I chose to stay over at a British Hotel for a weekend break.  The short break cost my family £600. I had been debating this weekend break in the UK for a while,  versus a visit to a cultural city like Barcelona, Spain. I needed inspiration for my writing.  A weekend break, including flights, to the Cultural City of Barcelona would have cost £600 too. If I were to translate that cost into Drachma, tourists from overseas would have had to pay…

233550.37697053 GRD


What about the Euro?

Based on the present rate 689 E

What about China?

5103.63 Chinese Yuan

I chose Britain, purely because I had never done it before. I had a choice and I’d seen more of Europe than I had of the UK in my lifetime. That’s quite sad really, isn’t it?

Less is sometimes more.

The pound was once higher at a rate of exchange, and may have been keeping the British Banks financially rich. However when we think about tourism, and the economy, (I generalise) that people like a good ‘deal’ and the UKs British Pound may be the colour of Gold but, it’s been out-pricing itself of a global market for years..

The £ may not be of interest to the masses,

unless it brings with it a quality that the consumer wants.

Thankfully, the British Pound is lowering in its exchange, and realising it doesn’t make the world go around. It is merely a form of exchange,  upon an island, upon a world, which revolves,

with or without it.

If we can see past the colour of money, the UK is beautiful.

But, if it is still money that makes us feel rich?

I highly suggest a holiday or expatriation to a country where money is still translated into thousands for the twenty-pound note. (Humour)

Click on the 4D link to find out what tune came to mind for the writer.

4D Solo Logo 08072016 10_43Thank you for reading todays article with Julie Spencer 4D, 5th October 2016

The money images are taken from PInterest.



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