With Christmas looming and the whole month of December being wrapped up in festivities, religion and hope, it is a great month to tribute my blog to the word:


It’s been a fun few months for me, thanks to the kindness of the BBC.  Yet, amongst the merry fun and entertainment, I’ve also been a parent, and pushing and shoving to buy tinsel and twinkly lights. In doing so, I have heard a lot of people chuntering that this time of year costs a fortune, its become more of a business than a time of goodwill and the following unknown quote sprang to mind:

If you’re helping someone and expecting a return, that is business and not kindness. (Twitter)

I would like to debate that every drop of kindness shared, invites the opportunity for others to manipulate the trusting and giving nature of the provider, but if kindness is offered honourably with good intention, and received graciously, it is for the receiver (only) to decide whether they take advantage of the source. 

Kindness is a very complex subject and would need serious dissection to discovering the truth behind the nature of human beings and minds, which are all individual and unique. I’ve tried a little to understand, but, minds are mold from a variety of alternative experiences, nurtures and cultures – I have to stop this paragraph here, it will go on forever… follow here if you want to know more about my findings this month.

A Lecturer at a recent tea time talk suggested that kindness:

    “…is a feeling that you have in you, down below in your tummy, you have concerns, you want to give others the greatest of opportunities to avoid…”

I drew a blank face at that… not intentionally, it’s just, everyone has a different gut!

That response would suggest that the ability to show kindness and care is subjective, an individual experience, an experience found within the gut, but I would also debate that most kindness has become an act of give and take, in the present social economy. For an economy cannot exist without a little give and take, and it is when the act of giving becomes sacrificial that we should begin to show concern.

Only, if we are giving, supporting and caring and being kind to others because we want to –  given as a self-less act which – brings a feel good factor that counts for the individual, more than recompense.

Something amazing always comes when we give for free, I will share a few things that happened to my own family this last few months, it’s now December and whether we like it or not, for me it is about recapturing childhood, and having a little fun.

Peace and Goodwill. Thank you for sharing your time with me today.

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