I remember a long, long time ago, painting a picture very similar to the one in the featured image borrowed from Pinterest. It had such an impact when I recreated it in High School, that someone asked to buy it.  The School charged a fiver, I didn’t see a penny, because apparently the payment covered the cost of paints and paper. At the time all I thought was wow, I should have had it printed first.

It was an original!

And from one original piece to another…

Deep pools roam the seas of bl’ark and Grey’ar.

Searching f’ar survival, a fish, if lucky a puffin.

Considered pathetic, I beg ta diff’ar,

splat, slurp, slith’ar.

A moment on a rock ta rest ar just ta pond’ar:

Why am I white? I continue ta wond’ar.

I like ta pose for a photog’arph,

Stand back! My m’ar is ne’ar.

Current’s ar wild, t’arr-ential at times;

diving, swooning; so empty yet full.

Certainly life here is not dull;

it may be murky, sometimes steely,

as a pack I can wand’ar freely.

Arr, Arr.

4D Solo Logo 08072016 10_43


Originally featured on ECY 16th October 2015, drafted in 2009.


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