A (F)ilosophy for Creative Writing

Thanks to CBBC

“This year I read that the Universe is a mirror, and the law of attraction is mirroring back to you your dominant thoughts.”

(Rhonda Byrne, 2009:49)

It all started in Summer 2016, when I had decided that we no longer needed to keep moving home, and we would stick in a house for longer than 10 years, and actually call it home – it’s another long story. If you stick around you may find out more, how to live in wonderland.

I had decided the house needed a spot of DIY and revamp job, and chose the School Summer Holidays to go for it.  My children were happy to chill around the house, and do their own thing, on occasions watching a little too much of the magic lantern, today called a TV. We were having a more relaxed vacation.  Vacation is a universal word for taking a holiday.

We had spent so many prior years trying to cram in things to do from mini-camping trips to travelling that we had stopped appreciating what we had around us, in the home.

It was whilst my children watched a bit more magic lantern than usual, that CBBC became a routine. Not just a routine, but a participation.  TV really has moved with the times, and appears to be more interactive.

When my eldest child said to me, “Can you send this picture in!” I almost rolled my eyes, and wanted to say, “Hun, it won’t get shown they receive thousands of pictures daily, they are busy people.”

I didn’t utter a word and smiled. Nodding my head, I took the picture of Hacker the Dog, and wondered, what might be the possibility.

“Leave it to me!” I chanted.

I was doubtful and decided to scan the picture, just in case it didn’t make it onto the magic lantern. It was a good drawing and as many parents do, I wanted it for a scrapbook picture, to remind us, of how skills and practise developed over time. I’m not pushy, but fully appreciative of creativity. Can you tell?

I put the drawing on the side, and carried on with my DIY. I would send it later.

Many weeks passed.

My eldest child started to ask why hadn’t the picture been shown and I winced.

Oops… I will not say anymore for my children sometimes read this Universal blog.


I decided to write a little note to CBBC along with the scanned image of the picture (thank goodness for technology) because the original was probably buried somewhere deep under a pile of DIY remains, erm I mean… Other CBBC pictures.

My little note worked:


My youngest child became quite excited by this and sent more pictures, some didn’t make it, but one did.


My daughter sent another in… and low and behold, it had a two week slot.


It was incredible to see all of these personal creations on the magic lantern, true participation.

Then of course… Things went a level up.

“I’d love to be on Dick and Dom mini people”… “I would hope to dance as a Robot with Lauren and Hacker” and what do you think might have happened…

…We uploaded a 10 second dancing scene, and received a phone call. Part of me, the parent, was in disbelief and I thought to myself these moments don’t just happen. But they did!

On the 25th October we participated in a fun face time event. I am still in disbelief today.


Well I actually truly enjoyed myself, it was so much fun, I felt like I had regressed back to a child state for thirty minutes. Thank you CBBC. The children had so much fun too.

Do you think my children have stopped there? No! Their enthusiasm is mind blowing.

I wish I had been so confident as a child, and I am so happy that somewhere through these parenting days, I haven’t become the 1950s parent saying,

“Don’t do this and don’t do that, be quiet, seen and not heard.”

I embrace, the words,

“Go for it, have fun, but be safe in all that you do, and having fun with your parents in tow, keeps the whole family young at heart and secure. Occasionally you might just want to jump off your sofa, if a little dog asks you to. Why not! If you can handle it.  We don’t really know unless we try.”


Experience can be great fun, participation too, and there is certainly something in what the magic lantern did for us in 2016, especially the BBC, that will be up there in the top 10 memories of what communication can truly do.

If you don’t ask, you will never get!

(Folks Quote & a Rhonda Quote I do believe.)


4D Solo Logo 08072016 10_43

December 2016

Blue Peter were very kind too. Say Hi to Katie and Karim for us, because most of our interaction was with the amazing Lauren and Hacker T. Dog. You are all brilliant at what you do.


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