BBC Radio Humberside Story…. January 2017, will have to wait…

Due to the poor quality of internet supply to my domestic property because I am not considered a priority as a volunteer writer from my home by I have been unable to update nor create quality content on my blog for over a month which might have aided in the promotion of my local area. How would a business have coped with this lack of support?

If you rely on the internet I do not recommend Hull as a place to live because KCom have the monopoly over tech and I have been without a quality signal since lightstream took over in December 2016 and has now completely stopped providing a signal in January 2017.

Happy New Year and thanks to Peter, Adrian and Darren for your stalling techniques and customer service, having spent 3 hrs in your call queues.

If a kink in the external line is enough to cause damage I highly suggest you source a more quality product, maybe connect with 4G for some insight.

All very frustrating.

Maybe digital is not the way forward for Hull peeps. Watch this space.


4D Solo Logo 08072016 10_43


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