Tech Detox

As snow is predicted upon the horizon in the UK this week, I began to wonder whether we spend too much time in the world guessing the future instead of living the today.

The start of the New Year 2017 has been steady, almost too slow for me. I hadn’t realised the pace I was living at until I was forced into a tech detox over the festive period and in the first week of January.

I had planned to write about a crazy experience with the local BBC Radio Humberside station and blast into the New Year like a rocket. Instead! I pfft and was a dud because I hadn’t foreseen the eventuality of becoming disconnected from the digital world.

Thankfully all is well again in the digital communication world atleast, but whilst I was out of action I had a calling. No it wasn’t the telephone!

 It was something else. Do you want to know what it was?

First, Thank you for being interested.

When all was quiet and every form of technology was down, I resorted to reading the books that I had on my bookshelves.  I read about method, religion and fact or is it theory? I read a newspaper, I bought a magazine, and low and behold, when I was typing up my Young Adult Novel, I had to use a dictionary…  woah!

I had to actually find a dictionary, I’d heard a word, but I wasn’t sure how it may be spelt – Rectitude. So I had to look into it. I couldn’t use the online assistance, I couldn’t just guess. So I raked through a cupboard and pulled out a dusty Oxford Mini Dictionary. A book I had hived away about two years ago, since I became reliant on tech.

I had so much fun flicking through the pages of this little book, I found myself looking at other new words, and questioning if I’d ever heard them before (my inner geek was satisfied), did I truly know what each and every word meant? Or was the translation of meaning purely my own imitated opinion of the words? Because it was very rare in the past that I had to questioned my own vocabulary in communication.

It was a fascinating experience, reading a dictionary, because I had previously been so busy without realising it upon a treadmill of tech that I hadn’t stopped to appreciate every facet of reading accessibility available to me. Many of the traditional methods keep both the brain and human cognitive abilities proactive.

I had an enforced 7 day tech detox and it has made me feel renewed, and restored.

Over the coming months I will reflect back on this detox experience and share some of the dramas that kicked in, it may have been just 7 days, but it is amazing what can happen in 7 days, if we are not obsessed with technology.  The need to appreciate the methods of old, and be able to use them, in addition to being open and adaptable to shift over to the new applications for interactions when available allows for security and sustainability.

There is an Art to Networking, living and being, appreciating the purpose, qualities and positives all created in this life is the key. 

Did I spell all of that right?  I hope so, for I used a cute little dictionary to make this blog happen.

I hope I will continue to embrace the concept that there are so many alternative methods in the 21st Century to make information accessible. No way is right nor wrong, they are all deservedly great in their own right, as long as they have accessibility.

Take care until the next blog, and I won’t be offended if you choose not to read this blog, for everyone is worthy of a tech detox. Happy New Year 2017

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January 2016



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