Truth about Roots

Todays little ditty was inspired by a tweet and an image drawn by someone I know very well, imagine that!

Please be aware, I as a writer do not volunteer for #MadeinHull, I contribute with no expectation of a return, hence it is a charitable experience. #AGirlfromHull

Where fish folk made a living:

Where fish folk made a living,

Boosting reputation economically

Spies that won’t live twice

Duck and Dive in the Estuary.

Enough said.

Picture by Cupcake#1

Poem is random, but to the point. #Hull2017 and my #charitytuesday contribution.

4D Solo Logo 08072016 10_43 You won’t know unless you see it for yourself.

#charitytuesday #truthaboutroots another project, when will they stop?

January 2017


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