BBC Radio Humberside:

It was back in September 2016 that my writing world began to deviate in direction.

It was unplanned. Not premeditated and certainly unexpected.

As I cast my mind back to the thoughts the moment generated:

I’ve had the pleasure of living upon the Eastern Region of Yorkshire for three thirds of my life, and no matter what is going on, on the ground, I have always continued to hold my head up high.

I often find myself thanking the sky.  I don’t really know who or what I am really talking to, is it nature? Is it sciences? Is it the universe? Is it God? I am yet to read any book that confirms the atmosphere that I speak to and thank on a daily basis, for giving me life, providing me with a positive mind set, (even though, I too have many down days, it’s a human trait) and when I truly didn’t believe I was here to regenerate! I have been blessed with the two most amazing hildren.

I often take photos of the sky to remind myself, there is more to life than we truly think and know.

Deviating off track a little further when I think and remind myself, thirteen years ago, I was trying to have a family for nearly three years without success, and it seemed like a lifetime.  Then my family did come along, and the last ten years of life as a parent have sped by at a phenomenal rate. The whole process, in a long story terribly short, is that

Time spent in misery can slow down time, but when happy, a human life becomes a matter of blinks, rushing by at a light speed.

This brings me back to the beginning of this blog and BBC Radio Humberside.

I’d like to think if you’ve been following me for the last few years, you have gained a little insight into how I hope EVERY HUMAN AND ANIMAL in the world lives a comfortable and happy life, and how I am a bit of a keen listener to BBC Radio 2.  If you didn’t know this already, consider yourself in the know now.


You can imagine my surprise when I get a call from a Local Radio Station asking me to do a 2 minute chat with Paul Hudson at 6:30am to talk about the BBC Weather App.  My immediate reaction was….Who is he? Then,


Then, when I found out a little more; it was a pre-recorded interview to talk about the weather. I thought about it. The more knowledge I gained about the process, my weather pictures had drawn some unexpected attention toward me.


The third  thought was  ‘Help! I’ve been writing for so long without speaking aloud, how would I find my voice?’ I have never been very confident or allowed myself to become a public speaker for my shaking hands and dry mouth due to nerves, all stop me in my tracks.

But, instead of saying, ‘No thank you!’ I hear my own voice say, ‘Okay! Why not?’


The time that elapsed between interview, recording then airing, felt like a long period of time. Nerves… worry… panic all wired my brain. It was a process of a week!  I hoped most sensible folk were still sleeping on a Saturday morning at that crazy hour, and missed it.

I reminded myself, I wasn’t writing for this reason, but for whatever reason I must have been meant to do it.  Then, the moment was a flash, the experience was a blip. The aftermath was silence. All done!

Today, I have the recording. Today, the time has past at a phenomenal rate and I look behind me and think, what was I worrying for?

It is done, I cannot change it, but for the first time in my life I did something that took me out of my comfortable writing zone, and may I whisper… I liked it, and now I even miss having more opportunities to have a natter on the airwaves.

I foresaw my future as a Writer, because I believed my skills and education throughout my life had led me here. But after a recent bizarre chance chat with a KCOM engineer called Jack, he reminded me that my skills were gender manufactured and stereotypical of the early 1990s and past, for a woman i.e. Typist.

Since hearing this, I have noted that we only seem to get the opportunity to hear men on BBC Radio 2 during the peak hours of day, and the women are at unforgivable hours, or weekends, or quite late.

Now, I wonder!

I am very open to trying out anything new within a Universal context this year and ahead, because I’d rather live a lifetime of happiness in light speed mode rather than a long life of misery and compromise.

Let us see what 2017 brings?

I hope this blog may inspire others to think about their own future. Take a tiny step out of your comfort zone and who knows were it may take you. What would YOU like to do without gender stereotypical influence? Ask yourself.

Take care until the next time, and remember we don’t know unless we find out for ourselves.

Now I head off to meet a New Year 2017 Challenge amongst many and find out what happens at 6:30am in the UK. I will set my alarm…

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January 2017






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