Another year has been and gone, with so much happening within 2016 it was very difficult to keep up. I learned a few things along the way, and January is usually a time for a review.

This review is not what you might have expected, but hey, it is a review…

When I cast my mind back to the beginning of the Professional Writer’s Journey, I can’t believe how far I have come, I still tend to refer to my new role in the context of a third person, but I recognise now, that is who I have to become, in order to write I have to become the third person perspective.

When I started out as a blogger, I was fresh to the cables and wires, keyboard and screen as a newly plucked Mature Student without a clue of how I was going to proceed. I had achieved qualifications affirming the titles of BA Honours and Master of the Arts, but still, where did I start? Now, I was alone and questioning, was I expected to do something with all this new found knowledge relative to Creative Writing?

I turned to Specialist Tutoring and Volunteering within Secondary Schools and Primary Schools in the local area to ingest whether the route to becoming a Teacher was the right path in 2015, but found myself feeling unworthy, unable to teach in the capacity Ofsted and providers required for the next generation of young people; everything was too controlled, without fun, without adventure.  None of the sitting on a plastic seat and scribbling in a booklet upon a wooden table appeared exciting, nor exhilarating, without enthusiasm. It was a treadmill. I had to get off. I knew my way of teaching would not be accepted in 2015 or 2016. Maybe 2020!

My mind was scrambled, I had so much information wrapped up inside of me, begging to be unleashed, but I was afraid of what I might say if I released the logos (words). I was afraid of what I had to say, because I had never been allowed to be true to myself at any point in my whole existence as I hadn’t found my own true identity, even at the point of curating 4D. My own mind was still confined to classroom mode.

A trip down memory lane:

I realised that, Okay, yes, I was a female, the gender bit I figured out, but, as I recently explained to my husband, if we were to gauge gender as a percentage term in life. Then,

My original perspective back when I was a child was a dream state.

I believed Women and Men were of equal importance all born with the same 0-100% opportunities in life.


I watched on, as my mother looked after the home, and the father was the breadwinner and decided I wanted to have a different life. I went on to become a young adult and began to recognise that social conditions in the 1980s and 1990s didn’t offer the image that I had envisioned as a child, it had an alternate gauge.


Women 0 – 40%

Men 60 – 100%

Now as an adult, I recognise that we (humanity), ourselves made this ridiculous situation arise, because we like to monitor and record a generalised perspective of life, but refuse to appreciate that everyone and thing born into the world is unique, individual, wanting and needing at different stages in their lives. I want to start talking about theorists but I will save that for the (f)ilosophy Volume.

Oh! Go on then, just one:

Carl Jung suggested, “We consist of pre-existent forms, the archetypes, which can only become…[and]…give definite form to certain psychic contents.”

The Power of Ideas

And I agree.

Back to the Future:

I am presently following a path I never imagined could be possible, it required a huge amount of self-belief. Yes, I have conformed as a parent to my children, and accept that in order to survive and evolve, a social intercourse has to take place with the opposite sex (or maybe through medical intervention today)!

However, whereby I would normally give a summary this month of my stats, followers, listeners, viewers, and whatever other statistic I would conjure up, because I had been led to believe at some point in my life that it was important. I have now chosen to stop myself.

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you may have gathered, I am not writing for money, nor to essentially entertain, or to advertise. I write because I want to, I love to, I enjoy to, and the bonus is in the knowing that many of you out there have read, listened and on occasion liked some of my chosen words.

The 4D blog has finally become my own, it was a Christmas present from my husband, who is the kindest man I know. I realise I can continue to learn and grow, because I choose to through this blog.  The blog has given me an opportunity to be one voice, somewhere. The (f)ilosophy for Creative Writing Research is nearly complete.

I have had many questions answered, and to the question that I often think everyone asks at some point in their life,

“Why am I here?”

Well, I’m not just here, online. I am at home with my family, researching, visiting friends and relatives and sharing stories and ideas with whomever I meet, and I hope  maybe to inspire others to follow their dreams and find out what they enjoy, encouraging others to just get on and do something they love, for themselves, self-belief is the key.

And for all those stifled children within Education I suggest they learn well, but never forget that dreams are possible in reality if we can find the confidence in ourselves.

There we have it, my introduction to 2017 is to keep doing what I do, and be happy being me, because I have a space to publish and share some random concrete poetry, lifelong learning transcripts, short stories and maybe one day a Novel. All written with great appreciation for life’s treasures, pleasures and experiences by A Girl from Hull, who started out, in nowhere and ended up somewhere, right here! And she plans to stick around.

This year the writer is all about #Networking #TruthaboutRoots and #Millionto1Strategy in 2017.

Life is a little miracle and every second of every moment should be treasured, the good times and the bad, for I don’t know about you, but I tend to learn a whole lot more from both experiences.

There will always be an opposition of opinion, and maybe when humanity can accept and find a confidence, fears may dissipate.

In 2017 Brexit Looms, President Trump is in office and it will be a fascinating year, globally, I suspect!

Good luck in all of your adventures to everyone who has taken the time to read the words written on this blog over the years and recently.

There will always be more to see from me as long as the technological world exists.

Sharing ideas.

Julie Spencer 4D

4D Solo Logo 08072016 10_43

January 2017

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