Life is a Long Education –

The weather is pretty dire here in the UK at the moment, so I’ve turned my attention to the amazing 8 weeks of sunshine back in summer 2016, there was more than I have ever experienced in my own lifetime whilst living in the UK.

The recall reminded me of a Lecture at the University of Hull, it was a tea-time talk and the discussion was all about Skin Cancer and how you may identify it. Isn’t it true, with all things beautiful there are risks. The combination of a beautiful climate in Britain and the probable health risks related to the sunshine, made me think…

Are you ready to know?

It was a very interesting lecture. Informative in not only how intensively we must pay attention to our own body’s quirks and changes, but there was also a documentary shown, it was probably made in the 1980s I can’t be certain, its a hunch. The peeps on the video were very different to what I see around me today.

The Appearance.

The people and images for observation  were inspecting their own skin for changes, and it was noted by me that they  were  all very hairy. I couldn’t seek out their skin for the armpit hair, the bushy eyebrows and the voluminous heads of hair. (Take a look at some eighties pics of people, many are a contributing idealist art forms of ‘A Wilderness’.

Where am I going with this?

Well, the Lecture did talk about the use of sunscreen to protect our skin for the degenerative damage of UV rays, (YAWN!) but it didn’t discuss the over use of sunbeds, nor how we must remain in the shade at peak UV ray times, approximately 11am to 3pm in the UK. (Anyone who has taken a European Holiday knows this speech from their Holiday Representative.) The Lecturer’s main focus was not preventative it was more so, reactive and how to look for Skin Cancer after it has happened.

Needless to say, I could tell from wisdom and having lived in that eighties era that the documentary we watched was at least twenty years old, and society has changed quite a lot in the two if not going on three decades since it’s recording, it needed a revamp.

People are using fake tan, shaving more, preening more, wearing more moisturisers, creams and sprays. We are accessing products that in twenty to thirty-years-time, may in fact have been the cause of…Ignorance to the pure capabilities of the beautiful sunshine and its rays.

I can’t predict the future, but I do know that safety comes before beautification idealism.

People who live in the Sunshine Daily (Blessed!):

We’ve been around for years, we have changed and adapted into a variety of economic images, but the sun has always been the same, remained fixed, unchanging, burning brightly and sustaining life upon earth.

People who live in countries that receive sunshine upon a daily basis, have learned to adapt their lifestyles to work with the sun, in partnership, where few are burnt, and they receive plenty of natural vitamin D, and thrive.

Those unaware of how to adapt and appreciate the UV rays from the sunshine use products like factor 50 and factor 30 lotions, invented, to allow the innocent mind to risk being in the sun at its most dangerous UV hours…

Mad dogs and Englishmen spring to mind… a saying from long ago…

How do I think I know so much?

I lived in both Greece and Spain for an accumulative five years of my adult life, and I learned how to adapt to suit the sun. Being the colour of a burning lobster every day, hurt.  No amount of skincare product is truly saving a person’s skin if they choose to spend more than three hours in the blazing mid-day sunshine.

We put ourselves at risk!

A Healthy Respect for Sunshine, and protect ourselves:

Earlier this year I listened to a Radio Station that was discussing the problems we were facing in Britain as young children were maybe becoming deficient in Vitamin D, because of the potential overuse of suntan lotion. The lotion was possibly acting as a barrier to a ‘natural’ nutritional process. How bizarre, you may think!

But who would have thought that Skin Cancer would be a problem in the 21st Century when there are so many products to protect us.

Last year, during those glorious weeks of sunshine and summer, I switched my mind back to the days in Greece and Spain, and chose to keep out of the sunshine during peak times. If I sat out in it, I was in the shade.  I only chose to walk or function in the sunshine before or after 11am to 3pm.

On a motherly note: None of my family were burned by the sunshine. None of them felt heat-stroke and all of them had the most wonderful healthy appearance. There was no after sun lotion, there was no need to take any vitamins that summer, we were product free, and appreciative of the sunshine that blessed the UK. I hope it happens again.

I certainly do believe we should always check our bodies to ensure we are healthy, and if we find anything unusual we should question it, and approach a health professional, but if we are doing our best to consider the risks of everything we choose to do, in partnership with the glorious sun glistening UV rays, we are already upon a journey to a better health.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and if you were in Britain in summer 2016, wasn’t it wonderful? If you would like to know more about the benefits of sunlight click here.

Thank you for reading and thank you for the Tea-Time Talk for an enlightening Lecture at the University of Hull, it took me on a trip down memory lane.

Take care.

Written by CWJS4D Copyright and Reserved 2016, in a life long education.

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