A newfound excitement shifts

off the tech, become creative

hands provide a wonder, enthusiasm

encouraged, communications order

the need to participate.

Future Generations, a digital-media age,

Hands provide a wonder, enthusiasm

Working together, creating for others.

My own badge of honour, a pride.

Now! Where to sew it?

Hands provide wonder, enthusiasm

World and minds explode, imploding

Purple is the colour for a recent

Upload. Fans, long-running continue

Long will it may, be Blue.

Read the letter… read on…

This is a little essay from Mum

keeping up with new generations,

Iggle Piggle..Honk!

Children’s T.V. has its perks.

Hands provide wonder, enthusiasm

Having ambition is important!

Today, I choose to participate,

Before you go away. Appreciate

The moment, they’re all you truly

Have, and create with your hands

With enthusiasm, make it last.


Wow… now that felt good.

 Gratitude, Kindness and Caring truly can make a difference, 2016 proved that for me. If you want to know how this poem evolved, check out the case study letter on the Tuition page.

February 2017


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