Fantasy Fiction

In a NaNo… Lola appeared!

Well, I did it!

I actually participated in the process of NANO-2016. I didn’t officially commit as such, because I doubted all the juggling of projects would allow the time. I participated in the idea, the concept, the purposeful process, and let’s face it, some stories rarely make it off the hard drive, so I wanted to be realistic.

The good news is, I really enjoyed participating in NANoWriMo2016. I pulled together half a YA Fantasy-Fiction novel, and after re-reading my introduction, I have offered to make a commitment.

What have I committed to?

Read on.

This sounds terrible doesn’t it, I am supposed to be a Master of a subject and here I am curating thousands of words daily, (mainly emotional waffle) then finding that my words never go any further than the dusty shelf, some of my stories don’t even make it off the hard drive. I promised myself that I would regularly blog my stories back in 2015, when I began this writing adventure, but then, that is easier said than done.

So many Writing Web Sites say to share your work, and so many others say don’t.

So many reputable firms suggest you don’t throw any old waffle onto your web page, others say to pour your little heart out. However, when you’re creative, every story has an emotional connection, and I find myself wanting to protect my stories from the masses.  They cover quite sensitive issues. It can be tough to let the little ones go.

I started to wonder what exactly was protecting the stories from? If they are fiction, let them go.

Then when the NANOWRI began in 2016, I thought, C’mon. Let’s do this and there before me stood Lola, she smiled, she winked. “We can do this!” She said. She jiggled her petite pinky, she beckoned me to follow her. So, I did.

I don’t remember much of November 2016. I have my notes, and my writing that is all. After meeting Lola, I even lost December, and maybe January 2017 too. February has rolled away.  She was so much fun to be around, to learn from, to understand, the real world melted away.

I would love to say it was scary in been so detached from the real world, whilst writing my story, but it wasn’t.

Lola would often say she always felt disconnected and preferred to keep her mind in a state of living upon a Minor Planet Moon. Have you ever heard of this? I hadn’t. Well, that is, not until I met her.

Time around her changed me, changed me in a way that I would never have expected, and I hope that after sifting through all of these first edits written during the November Month, surprisingly summarised as chapters; you may enjoy finding out how someone else can actually live, if they choose to live a life that is a subjective life, and not for everyone.

Somewhere along the way and thankfully for my own sake, I figured out why Lola does it.

She’s let me return to earth, it was a bump of a landing.  She has said I am allowed to share her story. I agreed, and in making this commitment, I have sourced four disciplines which will hopefully consecrate her story.

Watch this space.

Thank you for reading.


Written and published for the blog, March 2017


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