I keep hearing the word Busyness lots lately, and I guess I have @cgayling to thank for that because a blog I read over at Malmaxa, was pretty poignant at the ‘time’ back in January 2017.

Everything was in fact all a matter of Busyness and I was drowning in it.

What does Busyness look like?

To me it is like golden honey, it looks amazing and tastes sweet at first, then as you immerse yourself, it becomes sticky and pulls you down, it drags you to a straw-breath under into a pool of swirling gloop and refuses to let you go. When the glowing syrup trickles into your mouth, the sweetness sends tingles to places rarely discussed in front of children, or people looking to find a cliché.

The continuous momentum, the forever flow, doesn’t stop. It pours in and becomes bitter-sweet, sickly. You want to convulse, you want to scream help, you want someone to pull you out, but there is no one there to help, for they’re all in their own jar of gloopy busyness, and smothered, unable to speak.

Then, if you’re lucky, a bell will chime, a symbol will flutter by and you will find yourself able to resist the Busyness.  You will force away the bitter sweet and you may capture a moment of true sweetness, a pleasure like no other, a freedom, be worthy more than diamonds and golds. A whirlwind will pick you up and out of the gloop, the busyness will react, it will rise like a wave and try to suck you back in.

Take a step back, it is only there, in that space, a place of reflection, when you are wowed by the sights of the golden waves, as they whip and lash in fury around you, begging for you to return. The gloopy golden honey coated busyness can only possess you, if you let it.


Thank you for reading, and thanks to @cgayling and a Malmaxa blog for inspiring this sensory writing blog today.

It was a pleasure.


 March 2017


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