Who is Waldow?

Have I mentioned that I’ve been holding 4DX meetings to progress and drive the one writer in progress forward?

So there I was holding my 4DX WIG meeting with myself, on Friday 31st March 2017 and knowing that the official day of April Fool’s was hanging in the balance, I had to ensure I didn’t get too sucked into any of the words I was reading.

Do I sound superstitious?

Well I might be, just a little, for my background cast me under a divine spell in my own neck of the woods – as  A Girl from Hull – and the last thing I would or could have believed was that everything I was told, wasn’t exactly true.  Is everything we hear a bit of a fairy tale? Even with a few more ounces of knowledge, I still have to ask myself this question.

I am not trying to be dramatic in using the word ‘everything’. For everyday I did have real experiences. I still do. Today, I appreciate the physicality and objects around me. However, when it comes to words, they can change meaning over time, and I still know many who believe in the supernatural.

What is the supernatural anyway?

Is it a Super – Nature? Is it scary? Is it even a real word?

With all those fresh questions looming in my own mind, I began to read a piece of research for the day,, a learning essay ref:237846 and I printed it, for a hard copy, back on 18th September 2014 just before I completed my Masters. Back then, I was going through a  real process of change. I could feel it, (sounds weird, but I could) the hidden and suppressed poet from my child-hood was trying to escape. I had chosen to read and learn more, printing a little research and trying to comprehend what other well- known poets chose to write about.

In my naivety I thought: Maybe I could follow their lead.

At the time, reading it in 2014 my brain was more like a plastic bag than a sponge.  There was already so much information in my tiny brain having completed 5 years of mature studies, my skull wanted to explode, tear, rip and be done with all this Creative Writing malarkey.  But, instead of binning the print out, something quite super-natural, innate, and maybe the “Steptoe’s-Yard-Stubbornness” in me, told me to hang on to the article for another day, for it may just come in handy – when I’m ready.

I hadn’t happened to throw it away over a three year period, which makes me question my hoarding capacity. Yet, after reading it recently, the Article was about a Poet and Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson (a 19th Century chap). Since reading the article and without looking for it over the years, I had regularly spied Ralph Waldo Emerson’s name in Literature if I can call it that, maybe Non-fiction books that I had collected from Charity shops, can I push it so far as to say, books with a Philosophical context? I won’t go on about him. If you want to know more, there is so much information on the internet. If you care about the word supernatural read on, if not, thanks for reading…

To some the discussion of the supernatural, coincidences and philosophy may be boring to read, if so, thanks for reading so far. However, what was funny if you can laugh at this type of pre-destined intuition, was back in 2015 when my daughter decided to write a story for a 500 word competition (which we never sent in to the BBC).

I had never mentioned this guy Emerson, ever, at home. My daughter asked me to proof read her story and low and behold – when I saw that her Protagonist – the leading character, he was a Dragon named “Waldow” I caught my breath and said to myself. “Pure coincidence, surely!”

Was it? Maybe it was a prophecy? And you must forgive the mind of a creative writer, it is always looking for an adventure. 

Maybe I should share her story with readers, so you can decide for yourself.

The reason I didn’t enter the story into the competition in the end, was first, I was slightly spooked, then secondly it was quite impossible to shorten it into 500 words. The story is more than a blurb, it has some fascinating content, and I began to wonder if there was more to learn from the new generation writer, rather than hankering after the old writer’s past.

On the other hand what if I was to a suggest: From a collaborative learning experience, I can at least say in learning the ways of old, I can identify and critique with the new world, and in being open-minded to new ideas, rather than being spooked, experiences are sometimes made to be repeated, with better outcomes in mind. Being positive can be a way to live. Learn and be inspired!

On that creative note, I will close with a few words noted in the R. Waldo Emerson Article, that I would suggest today, require a rewrite. 

“The man is only half himself, the other half is his expression.”

I’ve been trying to give this line a new modern twist:

“Individuality in Humanity is only half fulfilled, when humanity becomes whole, the world becomes a canvas of expression.”

 It sounded good when I thought it, but now on writing it down am I not so sure, let’s simplify it.

Individuality is beautiful and when Cultural Diversity unites, the world is Gorgeous.

 No… I still don’t think it’s quite there, back to the drawing board of words.  Words are never as simple to understand, we need a context, that is when understanding appears, instead of fears.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you all made it through April 1st 2017 unscathed, I had many hilarious moments take place, and I may have to share them with you, because they just might inspire others to write and maybe read something new for themselves.

I am quite relieved I have a little of ‘Steptoe’s Yard Stubbornness’ in me.



Written, April 5th 2017, shared as a blog


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