Truth about Roots

Deep Breathing

Notes from  – Million to One:

I‘ve decided to share some of the notes I used for characterisation, in the delivery of Lola. All for a project that I researched with the Title: A Blue Butterfly Trail – back in 2015 to 2016.  Then later in 2016 I found myself doing something quite random called Million to One, I had my reasons, I needed to learn something for myself.  The random actions accumulated into a story. There are in-fact two stories, but I prefer the fictional, to the non fiction. JS

 ‘I’m taking a deep breath right now, and I have decided to take the plunge and write a little something regularly on this blog for Million to One (A working Title.)

It’s unlikely going to be lots, because I have so much other stuff going on.  That NaNoWri story process thingy triggered in November 2016, and a few prods from someone I know who said, I talk so much, therefore write some of it down. They write stuff all the time too. They might even be doing this somewhere else, right now.


I wrote something. 

What will I write about? Who knows? My own experiences I guess! That’s all I know.

I live in Piplinham, it’s a place on the periphery of Hull.  Hull is another place on the periphery of nowhere and it’s pretty quiet around here, nothing to share really! People keep themselves to themselves. That’s the way it should be.

I will see you again soon my dear whining and grinding PC, which is as old as the hills, in need of an upgrade, that won’t be happening unless I find a way to boost the finances. 

I’ve been playing the lottery, well, my Uncle Roger puts the bet on for me, and he has told me he’ll give me every penny when the ticket comes in. It’s not all for me, I have plans.

I’m a believer… if nothing else. Like so many millions of others out there.’

A Voice for Lola

2016 – 2017

A Girl From Hull


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