A little poem about a story that inspired me when I was a child.

Recently, illustrations for some of my stories for the child eBook reader and other details were all motivated to become in existence after the prompts of Lady Bird, Fairy Tale Books back in the 1980s. That is my  #TruthaboutRoots

Can you guess the Fairy Tale? The answer is in the poem.

Conditional inspiration:

Have you ever heard the story about a

Princess and a frog.  The princess threw

A golden ball that fell into a pond.

The pond was deep, the ball sank down

And down, poor little child. She couldn’t

chase it or she would – drown’d.

She sat!

She cried!

Then along came a frog to help and save

The day. He swam down, collected the ball

Then begged for her to stay.

“Be my Friend?”

The child was to tend to him, to give all he

could take.


she assisted him,  under a force

a moral obligation, a pressure from the King.

Hidden within this story is a tale from here

to there, that no matter what is uncovered,

don’t sit in judgement or despair, for there

is always good to be found within.




Wow, I surprised myself with this one.

Thank you Lady Bird Books for the inspiration, and foretelling that dreams can come true.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday, and a #mondaymotivation is to stay clear of ponds, unless you can swim.

Princess and the Frog-36

Image Copyright of Ladybird Books

Featured image and Poem, Copyright and all rights reserved to Julie Spencer 4D. 2016 – May 1st, 2017

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