A (F)ilosophy for Creative Writing

Subjective Words

Dear Writer,

I am my own worst critique when Writing Creatively and Experimentally.

I generally enjoy the writing part, and the reading part, but critically I am too challenging of myself, and after spending some time with a Writer’s Ellipsoid I was forced to face the truth.

It was in the latter part of 2016 that I began to realise; it is very easy to critique words in this world, because there is no true right nor wrong way, just many ways.

When Creative Writing, sometimes there is a structured way, sometimes a wild adventurous direction, maybe artistic, maybe rooted, maybe winging it experimentally, and finally, maybe an emotive intention which can often deliver words to the reader that are too emotionally and personally driven often unappreciated by readers. 

Creative Writing is a lot like the subject Social Sciences, it is without a quantitative measure (except for the word and page count appreciation), it is often very individual and subjective.

I often hear myself saying, “Whether I am published or not, my words will be seen one day, maybe even 500 years later. The beauty of Creative Writing, is the matter in telling a story of a space and moment in time, which makes for better reading in the aftermath.

If a writer has been able to project imagery of the future within their words, it was probably unintentional, a little Spooky to most. But, without the thoughts of the present being represented,  how can we learn from moments of the day, and improve?”

I love planning for the future, but my own words are generally representative of the past, here and the now, on the occasion they spark ideas for the future, but that is where I recognise,

I am a Creative Person.

However, to generate a change, teamwork is essential; drawing on strengths, and appreciating humanity for individual capability to evolve, and progress.

So today, this little blog post is a prompt to all Writers and myself, that the beauty of writing is not in the competition to be the best English Literary Teacher in the world – for language is evolving at a daily rate – that role would be an imperfect goal and the world does not consist of only one language.

The world is a beautiful arrangement of difference, diversity and change, which survives best when understanding and benevolence are the priority of humanity.

With this in mind, do set your stories free, for Maya Angelou did say:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

I do believe she was and still is, right!

Some people will love your story, some may not understand it, they may want to be critical of it; others may want to understand it and empathise with the characters that have been rushing around your own writer’s head for many months, maybe years.

Therefore, set your story free! Don’t leave it for someone else to do, when you’re no longer here.

Thank you for reading – even if it is only for the Writer Progressing to heed something from the words.


May 2017

Thanks to Dr David Kennedy, he was the spark in my Writing Career who told me, “Just do it, anyway!” At the time he said this I didn’t believe him. Today, I do.

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