Me again with another little ditty about a coastal region that could really do with a little support, for it is sometimes in the bleakest of times, we find inspiration.

A Poem with a comic twist!

The way the UK Government have been talking following Brexit and Budgets in 2016, I questioned:

If every penny was exchanged for a pebble,  would the exchange be a greater burden to carry?

Dancing characters upon the

Sands, the rascals are playing

Reckless are the sounds.

Grinding forward, shunting back

The swish, washing in and out.

It’s to laugh, eating sarnies filled with honey.

What once was a penny, is tuppence for today,

Tens, if you’re lucky and a fiver thrown away.

If a tuppence was a stone, that had washed

Upon the shore.  All around the island is

a coast line filled with gifts galore.

Rich in fresh air, granules and salts.

There is a healthy profit to be made

every day, when we walk upon

The East Coast of Yorkshire.

Thank you Hornsea for inspiring this poem back in May 2016, that is still very reflective of the present and today, I’ll be back!

Hornsea was recently affected by a tidal surge, January 2017 and the building which houses the machines featuring in the photographs is in need of refurbishment.


The content and images are Copyright to Julie Spencer 4D. 2016 -2017

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