Change can be amazing.

An emerging Butterfly, that wasn’t blue.

This spring, my children and I spotted this adorable Butterfly drying out on the nettles, whilst we were taking a walk across the Haltemprice Farm Fields, East Riding of Yorkshire. 

The photo was taken by my young daughter, using a mobile phone.

Then, something quite amazing happened.

It was a very cute moment, and quite a stunning situation, a first time for me, holding a Butterfly on my finger tips.


The moment ignited a passion for my daughter to maybe, become a famous photographer when she grows up.  I told her, she certainly has a good eye for a photo. I truly believe in supporting the dreams of others, because who knows, with enough encouragement and support anything can happen. 

My daughter told her brother,  

“It was certainly a new born Butterfly, because it was very happy to sit on mum’s fingertips to dry out.”

and that comment made me think:

How trusting the Butterfly was to have landed on my fingertips. Anything could have happened. The hand could have belonged to a person that didn’t support, nor encourage or care, and that little life may have ended as soon as it had began.

IMG_4275 (8)

I am so pleased this Butterfly trusted me, and we were all happy to let it go, and watch it fly away to find somewhere higher to dry, to be.

It was certainly an inspiring moment on so many levels, (many changes affect the life of a Butterfly,) and on this day, I wished it well.

Thank you for loaning a few seconds of your life to us, inspiring in us all, an appreciation for so many things that exist if we choose to look.

Thank you for reading.


Thanks to the Psychologies Magasine for the prompt.


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