This photo was taken whilst spending a penny, on a visit to Dalby Forest in Yorkshire.

The door of the toilet was made from recycled materials, how creative!

Surprisingly the poem is not about lavatory action. What do you think the poem is about?

Submerged within the realms of a screen,

colours, noise, drawings and shiny discs

transmitting images for young minds, and old

all saturated these last summer weeks.

One parent in awe of all Guru who choose

to write U-rating scripts. Clever masterminds.

Not fools.  They’re taking the next generation,

to where only children will know if you don’t

dare to be wise and to watch, nature grow.



Thank you for reading.  The poem was originally titled Submerged, it seemed appropriate at the time but, time changes.

Tell me what you think?

Copyright and all Rights Reserved. The image is a personal photograph and the words were written by Julie Spencer 4D 2014-2017

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