I’ve been a little quiet for a while now, with good reason. After joining a local Writers Group, life became quite busy. Busy helping others, which is what matters to me, kindness being the key word.

A lot happened, and I found myself getting quite lost amongst the helping, and forgot to focus on my own writing, even Lola left for a while, all very understandable.  This is all perfectly normal behaviour, life happens. However, I have chosen to return to the old writing portfolios. Fresh eyes always offer something new, especially after enough time has lapsed.  Along the way from this time onward, I will be ‘sometimes’ sharing a few words of others. They’ve given me their permission, although some of them actually prefer to be known as anonymous. Why? I don’t know, but I respect that.

As I say, Lola is back so my own Young Adults Story has started to breathe again, and the poetry ( that I am absolutely rubbish at) keeps flowing just like a waste bin unavoidably keeps on brimming.

Although, as the saying does go. “One person’s waste, is another person’s livelihood.” Who actually said that? You, tell me. All I know, is that I hear it everywhere lately.

Well enough of the adverbs and here’s to getting back to my own writing and editing. I realised from my brief experience in helping others locally in the Writer’s field, it is preferable to wait to be asked for help, rather than to offer it.

I have thoroughly enjoyed helping those who wanted my support, and I hope I have done them a good service. Now, back to my own eBooks.

A non-fiction story coming soon…


June 2017 Copyright Protected.

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