Whilst parenting, reading to my children has become a time for learning together. How many of us, as children, really, hand on our heart, considered the sub-context of tales? The plot is generally what drives the read, and the allure of the lead character (protagonist), isn’t it?

With these thoughts in my mind, when I offered to help out a friend with their stories for children,  I could never have imagined where the tales would take me and my family.  It was all quite bizarre.

The teller of the tales didn’t want to start a website, she just wanted to tell the stories. She admitted she wasn’t ICT savvy.  I offered to start a website on her behalf, it wasn’t easy. Social media activity takes up considerable quantities of time, unless we use robots.  For me, there is something about doing a job yourself, that drives purpose. Although, I did have to scrap been the voluntary ICT co-ordinator for S, I couldn’t find the time to do my own admin and another’s, not yet, it was too much like hard work, I felt that I was nagging at S for her words, and no longer helping.

Sadly, the narrator of the stories has decided to stop telling her children’s stories, she doesn’t think the words will be read by others, and that it was all a waste of time.

She also doesn’t think the stories are any good.

I’ve played with the concept in being a Ghost Writer, transcribing her words, an experience that is not for the individual who lacks self-esteem. It was almost therapeutic, but, it wasn’t therapy. I am sure that might make  some sense to a non-writer. However, to the viewer who practices Creative Writing, it may make a lot of sense.  I personally find writing very therapeutic.

Anyway, I’ve asked if she doesn’t mind that I have a go at publishing her words as an eBook. What has she got to lose? I am offering help, and support, and if her tales are read, we will achieve what she wanted and that will hopefully give her a boost.  The boost she needs.

In doing the good turn, the experience in curating the words into an eBook, for me will fulfil my own purpose as I have been focusing on the word Kindness for some years now, and finally understand the meaning of the word.

I think the stories are quite cute, they do get a little bit grim on occasions, yet, they capture a period of time when the local environment I remember as a child, was beginning to crank up to a fast pace of the late 80s.  Technology was beginning to filter through and change everything that the 1950s and 1960s generations once knew.
Everything changes, (that sounds like a David Bowie Track,) it is very rare that time stands still. Unless we practice mindfulness. Even then, time doesn’t stop, it keeps on moving. However, S’s tales tell of a time when technology hadn’t yet taken over, the act of ‘thinking and actions being louder than words’ transcend through time.

Introducing The Slimy Frog: (Click on the link highlighted)

Thank you for reading.

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