The cliffs erode the once free land

upon them ageing families stand.

As time moves forward, earth shifts back,

take it in, before its gone.

A once that was, of cliffs and sand.


After winters sensitivity and decay

cast over debris, a bland intertwining

displays with respect for the sand,

the years to pass

and threaten the land, upon we walk.


A path tread once, then twice and thrice,

A different space, a new delight.

A vibrancy blows away the wind swept –

Blast. A building set in stone, alone.

Upon we walk.


Green displays of fields unearthed

Churned by shoreline of consequence

Nature and matter combine to scrape

away soils and farmland, only a few metres

per year, enough over time, upon we walk.



An Epic Landscape by A Girl from Hull.


Each stanza captures a moment from a photo taken whilst visiting Barmston, early March 2015. 

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