A Change in Direction

I’ve been a little quiet online.

I had a spell when I wanted to solely write.  I wanted to write more than, announce! This was quite sensible and after a few moments of blogging-blips, I had begun to question my motives as a Professional Writer, especially over the summer of 2017.

In time, I remembered: I am in love with words. Sometimes we need to be reminded.

So, for the next year, I am going to share the many words I am in love with. Some words you have to use in life, even if you dislike them. But it’s about forging a partnership that works for both the words and the writer. The many excerpts I offer online are an introduction to a new direction in my own progress as a Professional Writer, a change in direction that works for me. I have found my own personal Writer’s Practice, this is something I thoroughly enjoy and have gained a great deal of confidence in over the last three years, going it alone.

However, all of what I have become as a Writer, would not have happened without the insight, support and shared knowledge of many Lecturers and friendships over the years. I dedicate this next year of online words to Dr. D. Kennedy, Dr. D Wheatley, Dr. H. Chadderton and Dr. J. Lawrence, who I met at the University of Hull. There are many others who will be acknowledged over the next year of progress as a Writer by Julie Spencer 4D.

Thank you for sticking with me.

I hope you enjoy the poetry and prose I choose to share online which is free of charge for your readership. I am an assured believer that the better things in life are never taken for granted, but are usually free!

If you choose to follow my blog, you will receive updates as follows:

Poetry will be shared on a Monday, fortnightly.

Prose captions will be shared every fourth Monday.

Progress will generally be updated monthly, on a free Monday.


Feel free to offer your critique. I need your help to refine a skill, which is always bent into a learning curve. Perfection, can only be found in straight lines, is that true?

(c) 2017






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