Did I spell this right this time?

Terrible, I know, but it is one word that fails to stick in the memory banks. Thank goodness for spell check and dictionaries. You’re a wonder of the world!

Sharing a little poem about the word. . .

Is softer than that of champagne;
best drunk within the first year of vintage,
strong enough to bring unto a fresh sensation
Made from the pure and completed.

Reactions, looking for indications
in the presence of carbonate ions
mild in nature; overwhelming-
immediately absorbed vital relief.

A young company formed, 1991;
able to do their job that much faster.
Within the portrait of a collection.
The core of the new brand sound.

Not a requisite, none to strong
Nor too great. Roar to a throng.


Whilst writing this, I held an image in my mind of a picture I liked.  The picture is currently sitting on a wall in Autumn 2017 at The Ferens Art Gallery, Hull. Within a reflective setting. What a treat! Thank you for the inspiration, which blended well with a word. What else was I writing in November 2017?

Thank you for reading.

cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngNovember 2017



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