What is an accent?


It is a tricky word to get one’s head around especially in English, it has so many definitions and interpretations today. I collected four of them to consider, whether I share all four? Is for you to decide:

It is said that an accent can be bad for business. However, whoever said this must have needed to have exchanged more than that one sentence, because I absolutely don’t understand its reasoning.

Did they mean, Accent is a set of habits that make up someone’s pronunciation of a language or language variety? Or were they discussing one of the largest electronic design centres in Europe. The name right now evades me, oh its Accent!

As a writer, I’ve begun to identify that the accent is essential for emulation purposes when writing in dialogue, maybe for a script. Yet, the narrative within a novel or short story generally needs to remain fluid and non-colloquial, to maintain an essence of professionalism and digestibility. This is when we are quite lucky in the UK because accents are not part of the British Dictionary as so much, say the French.

The àccent is to àccentuate à word, défining a sound.

I find accents endearing, fun and original, unique to the independent voice and generally always defined differently by the many voices of authors.

Thank you for reading.

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