Sharing a little experimental poetry, thanks to the great teachings of a Lecturer Dr D.Kennedy without which I would never have ever risen to the challenge:

To desire. . .

Is the constant
Is appreciated
Is your desire
to know Christ and to be conformed into his.

Is to come
Is the key to your success
Is unification a funny thing
Of the constant sense of loss for what we have never had.

Is hell and the source of all problems
Is the opposite of having
Is revealed there is a “ruling desire”
which a person keeps after death

Is suffering
Is dead

It’s my routine Monday Poet session, and oh what fun I’ve been having. If anyone tells you writing is hard work, then I must add to that statement –

Writing is hard work when you have the wrong teacher.

Thankfully, I spent some amazing time with a great teacher. This poem is taken from a collection of works recently published as an eBook check out the Volumes.

Thank you for reading.

cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngJulie Spencer, Creative Writing. December 2017




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