Progress through the chaos. . .

What has the seal image got to do with this blog, to you nothing. To me everything. It reminds me of a moment in my own childhood. A moment that I cared so dearly for something I would have done anything to protect this beautiful creature. Anything!

As I progress onward into the future as an Author of eBooks and a writer of a couple of Creative Writing blogs, headed under the category of ‘Woman Writer’ it is necessary to appreciate the progress which occurs though chaos of change:

The transition from Girl to Woman is only minor in effect, as the onlooker, but ho ho ho… to experience it. Wow!

What exactly is an original?

Is it completely different? Or the same, with a twist and a shake of salt and pepper thrown in for good measure? If it is so different, doesn’t it then become eclectic, and a sign of madness? That’s what most of the painters during the Renaissance were considered to be wasn’t it? Mad!

The word Renaissance when I can actually spell it, I love it. The thesaurus suggests it means rebirth, renew, renovate, so why don’t we just use those words?


Well, it’s a history isn’t it. We have to know where the words came from and the Latin word is Renaissance (practising here!). The word practise for me has been reborn, in my own language it means to repeat, in the British tongue it means to learn and repeat and then finally the Americans have thrown in that it means, evidence, for example: evidence that the physiotherapist is in good standing with the physiotherapists registration board, able to practise.

The words we write here in the good old UK for that, is practice. Just to confuse everyone.

How do I know so much?  I’ve been practising, it is a never-ending task. Some say it is the designation of the juniors, to learn, but I would suggest anyone who wants to be good at something needs to practise every day, then once you know it all, you can practice it, but in practicing it, you still have to practise. Aren’t words overly complex, or am I the one making it all complicated? If I were to just focus on what the words mean in English, does it make life more simple, or just more, original?

I am not going to answer that question today. I am in an uplifted mood and on the day I answer that question, I will need to have a more balanced point of view.  For now, I might say, a woman will always be a girl, as a man will always be the boy. Childhood memories make us conscious in the world we live in as adults.

What is an adult exactly?

An independent, someone with responsibilities? These are all questions I am trying to fathom and truth is, the answer for me, is still open for debate.

I sometimes think it is all down to Practise – practice – practise.

cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngCreative Writing with Julie Spencer, December 2017

Feature Image borrowed from Pinterest November 2016 and edited, thank you.

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