Fantasy Fiction

A little Rebirth

It has taken me almost three years to find my groove as a writer, when I talk about the groove, I am referring to the method of practice that delivers results.  I am now in my fourth official year of going it alone as a Self-Published eBook Author, and as it is the beginning of another new and beautiful annum, I wanted to share some of my work in progress.

I hope to epublish this ebook that has a working title, July 2018.  That is my intention and in using my 4DX method of practice, it is possible.

The poetry is flowing nowadays, and the prose is beginning to take shape.  A writer’s life is certainly not the easy route, it is the harder option, because you have to make sure that your not writing a memoir and focused on the task in hand, in this case Fantasy-fiction for the over 15s market:

If you want to read a snippet, enjoy?

Fantasy Fiction Novel in progress, over 15s readers market.

‘Satisfied!’ He bellowed. You are as misguided as the water-bound copy of the teacher’s guide. You had been better off buying a copy of teaching for dummies than paying out how much? For an education! They’ve taught you nothing.’
‘I learned a lot!’
‘You’ve bided your time.’
‘That’s not true. There was so much to take in, immersed in the old and the new, my brain doesn’t work like other peoples, it is cognitively slow. When other’s cogs whirr, mine grind and clunk.’
He smirked. ‘Is that what you think? Really?’
‘It’s what I believe.’
‘You’re very good at avoiding the answers. Why did you never try to achieve a position as a politician?
‘I’m a female, and in growing up politicians were always male.’
‘Ah, now we are getting somewhere, so can you cast your mind back to the lens whilst still new in 2012. Can you remember why you bided your time?’
She stood very still, her eyes rolled back, she closed her eyelids, inhaling and thought. Her head hurt, it was such a long time ago, a lot can happen in five years. 2012 was the time the Mayan Calendar predicted the end, the end of the world. The children were at school, if the world was going to end she wanted them with her, not alone. So, she collected them for lunch every day, for two weeks after that date, the days after the so-called end.
The school hadn’t approved. It was disruptive to the school day, but for Sarah it had felt right. She answered:
‘Life, and my new family needed me.’
‘You think you are telling me the truth?’
‘I believe I am?’

Again, with all the questions, she had never been asked to think so hard about what she verbally spoke, before saying it. She was so used to saying exactly what was in her head, outbursts, that inflated or deflated situations. She wondered, why did he need to dig so deep into her past? What was he looking for?
He stared at her intently, as if reading her mind. He snorted, then again, stroked his tummy. ‘I am waiting for you to tell me the truth. It’s simple.’


Thank you for reading. If you didn’t like it, could you let me know?

cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngJanuary 2018, Creative Writing with Julie Spencer 4D


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