It’s that time of year!

Here is a poem that I haven’t even bothered to title, because apparently it is a bit of cliche nowadays. Can you guess the title?

Almost done the traditional
cleansing blend of fourteen herbs
the body ridding itself of all toxins that
Are a girl’s best friend.

One step to a healthy weight loss
The sh** is almost done.
Promoted through extensive writings
Now available for everyone.

A short for detoxification, involves
the removing of toxins from your bod,
via the blood-steam, drawn from an initiative
almost admitting an addiction prob.

Released under pressure, first step in
Overcoming the abuse. A premiere centre.

Over used.


Thank you for reading. Did you guess the title?

cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngJanuary 2018, Creative Writing with Julie Spencer 4D

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