Truth about Roots


Received about the kind of love
where you can’t stand to live apart
someone and you, would do anything.


It was at 14:43 two months ago that I learned that the word abandon had become a bit of a tired cliché.

Truly, quite hysterical! A word that I have rarely ever used, is now overused by most and has become a bit of a tired cliché. Do I believe it. No. Not really.

It is impossible to associate abandonment with a cliché, abandon is what it is, it is more like throwing away the whole self if we were to throw away the word.

Is a word abandoned when everyone knows in the world what it means? Or is it when the word itself advertises a product? I am yet to see a product named abandon. What would it sell or promote?

A terrifying and yet also alluring word, immediately tells me it is a perfume. But by who? I am serious, who sells it? I want it. I want abandon, I would like abandon I would like to know that there was more to life after buying Abandon.

Will it take away my ills, my pains, my moans, my groans? Will it make me mindful and whole again? Abandon! I want the cliché, I would like it right now.

Who would have thought Abandonment would make this writer rant?

Thank you for reading.

cropped-4d-logo-sin-border-jan-2017.pngCreative Writing with Julie Spencer 4D, January 2018

I was researching the word abandoned and couldn’t believe what I had read.


Featured image is a photo taken at Skipsea Beach, by me, East Coast of Yorkshire 2016



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