Road of Change

When the Writer in Progress began self-publishing A (f)ilosophy for the Art of Creative Writing, it was in 2016 that she shared via Amazon this epic form within an eBooklet titled: A Social Nature.

Overtime, the poetic story has been edited and updated.

I now believe it deserves to stand on its own and for itself. Therefore, this year I withdrew A Social Nature, and plan to release the epic poem within an eBooklet of its very own in 2018.

Do you like a little poetry?

A leap to the right and imagine the
threat of the dreary corridors
with elevator shafts
grinding vertical paths
urinal by the door
Graffiti laden views

A glean through the slats from the garages
which hold cars under lock and key
with speed and fear
What is there?
Behind the white washed fencing
walls of safety from concern
for this plight

Encouraging their knees
fingers grapple at a hand
laced in a chase
A crack to the right
the stretch is long
mist burning noses
the glistening chill displayed
‘It’s all right, it will be all right,
It’ll be alright!’

. . . To be continued. . .

This poem excerpt is taken from Epic Poetry, The Estate Race, written by J. Spencer  © 2009-2018.

If you think you might like my poetry, which delivers reality with non-fiction combined, why not take a gander at Chasing Stars . As cheap as a lottery ticket, but what do you win?

Thank you for reading and remember, it is sometimes good to let go, and appreciate the opportunities to invite the new or maybe even improved in.



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