On my journey that has recently become a quest as a Professional Writer, dabbling in Poetry was never the plan. It was a deviation from what I had hoped. However, I have found through writing poetry, that words can curate images with the power of: less is more.

I can safely say that less is more is also a philosophy I have in life too.  I just wish I didn’t waffle so much when I speak.

This is my final piece of poetry for  now, in Winter, early 2018, as I move forward to uncover my deepest darkest secret found in translating and transcribing languages. 

Descending lavender to greys,
an east coast wave closes in
blotches of new spruce create
a nervous sensory focus
and a breath from the foliage
over the salted shoulder
triggers inexplicable
words of ‘where are they?’


Explaining how we had come
to be that day
running down a path
that should have been okay



. . . to be continued. . .


This excerpt is taken from the epic poem The Estate Race, which was inspired by the writing of Choir Music by James Joyce, and reflects a moment in time,  which did happen.

When I first wrote the poem, I felt quite raw about it, and saddened that social matters such as inequality, bullying and racism even grew to exist. Today, I still don’t know why people aren’t more comfortable in their own skin. I have these days myself.

If you decide to read the booklet, for the record, I am thankful I made it through and I will do my best to encourage my family to be open to difference, compassionate and generally socially open-minded in the hope for a more peaceful planet.

Keep your eyes peeled for this Epic Poetry as an eBooklet, coming soon. Why not check over in the books category to see if it has been released.

The Estate Race Cover.060218

Thank you for reading.

J.Spencer  © 2009-2018

The featured image is via Pixabay.com


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