Let’s play with Creativity

Innocence, even the sound of the word when it is read aloud creates a pure form within the mind. Innocence, is a place where ideas form, innocence is a place where we feel safe. Innocence is a state in time, when we are unsure, but we may just try it anyway.

Let us play with creativity:

Let us play with creativity. I did that back in 2012 and chose to publish my attempt at a little experimental writing in 2015. Why did I choose poetry? I was so innocent back then. Sometimes we are only able to see our innocence in retrospect. However, that shouldn’t stop us from trying new things.

Thankfully, my experience of innocence whilst recently writing a bit of poetry here and there for a few short test-pilot eBooklets, was a safe place, and a time of exploration with a subject matter that wouldn’t hurt anyone, or could it?  Words are powerful, innocence pure, not to be abused.

I recently re-launched an eBooklet Nurture Games, I tidied it up and feel much more content with how it presents itself to the world. I am sorry if its gaudy colours back in 2015 offended anyone, it was a process of expression that I needed to wade through.

Back then, I was still just A Girl from Hull. Now, as the Professional Writer, it’s time to forgive myself for my own innocence, aNurture Games Book cover 221117nd re-launch the eBooklet after a little tender love and care, with edits and a more appropriate approach, and appreciation for the delivery of books.  What do you think?

This ebooklet will be given away for four days ‘free’ between 2nd March 2018 to 5th March 2018 because it is time to set the innocence free.

Thank you for reading.

Julie Spencer, March 2018 ©

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