Conflicts of interest

I have kept this update brief, it is in the best interest for avoiding conflict:

By now the whole experience as a Writer translating a French non-fiction was proving to have a conflict of interests:

C’est à cette obstination de certains qu’a tenu, pendant cette période, mon équilibre mental.

Le bébé m’empêche d’écrire, en se réveillant.

Le Bébé, Marie Darrieussecq, P.O.L Editeur p14 (2005)

My translation of Page 14:

The tenacity of this and that in ascertaining a certainty of reality, this particular period of time in the cycle I am mentally balanced.


I was becoming quite obsessed in the process, I was remembering, reimagining, reliving, moments past. I had taken a leap through time and I lost interest in the present. I was beginning to remember the past but with a new perspective.

Little did I know what I was about to find out.

For those in the wonderful world that can read both French and English, this is when I ask you to tell me if I was on the right track with my translation?

Personally I think the word choices became a personal mission and emotive realisation, maybe we as women, Marie and I, we had experiences similar emotions, but the only emotions I was able to reflect upon was my own.

Things started to get quite weird and it was on the 11th September 2017 that I calculated  the first four pages took me one hour thirty to write up per page. It was my reality check-in. I was embracing a new language, French. The novice was beginning to appreciate the appreciation of time itself.

  • Text Translation onto the PC using only two dictionaries and synonym alone it was 21.48 total time 4hrs 30 minutes. I identified with the narrator of a book. Language had become a barrier. The passion to know more on the surface appeared an obsession, yet deep down below the surface I found something that had been hiding, maybe lost, it was the theory of intuition.

I had yet to figure out whether the words being discussed  were Marie’s or my own. I didn’t even know at this stage whether the baby had been born, or was growing. I was guessing.  I was guessing she was still pregnant at Page Four, how could I know for sure, unless I continued to unravel the words.


Thank you for reading, next time, when I return to translating I consider how time can be suspended.

J. Spencer ©  March 2017

Vérdâlibré Volumes


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