When you are waiting for a response in order to move forward, you just have to appreciate what you have, and for me I believe I have plenty. Poetry is still coming in thick and fast… maybe the translation triggered it. Maybe not! That is for me to certainly know and share with you very soon.

Is possible, a likable endeavour
the internet’s leading bed and breakfast site
A dining experience you want to miss
Coastal-lies to the east of the

Currently working on projects in the
Following: wonderful collection of truly
Worthwhile Songs, international

Is laid, a man who has absolutely nothing
Humourist and satirical publication
she was obviously out for anything she can get
the commercial property management – division

Metaphysical philosophy of various systems to
experience the proposed reality to an advantage.
Baby Face

Thank you for reading.

I have been attending a course with the Open University, online. It has been 100% helpful in so many ways, I recommend if you are interested in something, anything. See if there is something on the Open University Future Learn website to learn. I am not endorsing, just very thankful for the privilege in taking part. I may not have gained an accreditation, but I accessed knowledge, which is what learning is all about.

Julie Spencer © April 2018

Next week: I will share the beginning of my Fantasy Fiction Story, it has finally started to become something quite real thanks to the Non-Fiction Writing Course with the Open University.

Did I ever tell you, I love learning.

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