A Weather Ode

Thank goodness, I realised before it was too late.

I had been distracted in the translating of a French Non-Fiction. It is easily done when working a majority of time in solitude, as soon as you hear a voice, you might jump to participate, which is fine if you run your life in the fast lane, and can cope with the repercussions of impacted time.  Me! I’ve spent the last three years focusing on Poetry and along comes a story about babies to sweep me off my feet. I was so glad that the communications with my new network of mindfulness gurus, prompted me back to planet earth.

I decided to submit a poem to the BBC Weather Watchers, why not. I was and have been sending photos to the BBC Weather App for a while now (2016), and  recently they were asking for poems back when I was following the 5 second rule.  I had a try and came up with this:

Sea to See

Thunderous horse hooves
bash, crash and smash aground.
Listen to the sound of the shingle
Snap, crackle, pop, cold-air rushes in.
Easterly, homeward bound.

Jewels of metal, stones, drainpipe and silt
Remind the farmer of the harvest – take it in
Before it wilts – Collected, protected, cast
In shade, the merciless rains chime
Sloshing porcelain tea-cups, a cistern chain.

Skies once blue, where do you hide?
Behind the Victoria sponge, a grey-iced-slice
Through the density, a break in the day,
A glimmer of light, lift your head
And gaze

Gaze in wonder, what a sight.
Above there is a heaven, beyond it
But the night and as the world keeps
On turning, farmers toil, plants yearning,
Trees sway in a mild changeable breeze

Flowers of the seasons in bloom, with
A squish and a squeeze they sigh and
Breath. The festival of dance is within
The natures every day, if you choose to take a
Look and see, watch the natural play.


Whether it was read aloud in reality, or not, I will never know as I would have to watch the TV or listen to the Radio at silly o’clock to find out. The point was –

I put my mind to something and I did it. This has been the purposeful mind-set that has kept me going as a writer in progress over the years, and last week, wow oh wow, I felt energised to turn off the internet and dedicate some quality time to writing.

I don’t know about you, but I have to turn the internet and media off, to avoid distractions.

It took longer than 5 seconds overall to write the poem, but I enjoyed giving my time to the process of creating. A creative process that produced a feeling of contentment which is worth it.   Over the next few months I will begin to update this website with images that inspired me to write, they may help writers out there, they may not, but I won’t be able to help anyone, if I don’t try.

Can you believe we are already in April, nearly at the end! I’ve been decluttering as a process of catharsis (inspired by the Psychologies Magazine this year). I normally declutter in July – when the sun is shining and I say out with the old.  A declutter is something that we all need every once in a while to appreciate what we have, then let go. I’ve realised I have been hoarding, not intentionally, I have just allowed things to build up in areas that weren’t of interest. So I asked myself: If they dont interest me, why am I holding onto them?

A pretty profound question to leave you on, and it just might inspire another poem or two.

Have a lovely week.

J. Spencer © April 2018


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