Fantasy Fiction

Hopes and Fears

Hopes and fears, is a snippet of a non-fiction piece which sets the scene for the Fantasy Fiction I am working on at the moment.

Thanks to the training, awareness and insights received with #FLFiction @FutureLearn

We had been trying to understand methods in creating Character, this was my attempt:

Sarah stepped out of the taxi, she slammed the door, realising she had left the rear window open, she grabbed at the open frame. “Katalina, I’ve. . .”
“Don’t worry I am on it!”
“No, wait… I…” Sarah leaned into the cab window which Katalina had begun to shut, then stopped.
“Sarah, go! This is your job now, you’ll be fine.”
“I know, but… I sometimes wonder whether I should have just stayed a cab driver, it was so much easier.”
“What was the point in you going and getting all those brains if you don’t intend to use them?” Katalina asked in a motherly tone.
Sarah took a deep breath. Then replied, “I don’t know, maybe I thought I wanted something, but now I have it, I don’t like it.”
“Are you seriously telling me, you would take back time and go back to this? Pick up, drop off, hassle with cheats and thieves. The only runs I ever like doing are these, at least I know I will get paid. You’re gonna get paid every day with what you do now.”
“But, what if I’m not good enough, no one teaches us the part when we have to go it alone.”
“You’re not alone Sarah, never have been and never will be. I will be back in a couple of hours, and I’ll sign off for a lunch break, you can tell me how it went.”
“Would you do that? Are you sure?” Sarah blinked, looking down at her briefcase.
Katalina could see she was a bag of nerves. “Sarah, you look the part, you look smart in that new navy suit. I so wish I could fit in it. It may fit my right thigh!” she laughed. Sarah smiled and shook her head. “You have your case. Do you have your phone? Do you remember the signal if you feel like you’re in trouble?”
“I do. I have, but it still doesn’t make it feel any better. I feel like I am jumping off of a thirty-foot diving board without the training. What if . . .”
Katalina interrupted, “Enough of the what ifs, how will you know unless you give it a try? Teaching kids! How hard can that be, really? GO! You’ll be late, and that’s not the best of starts.”
Sarah removed her hand as the car rear window wound up to close.

She took a deep breath and looked up at the Farm House.

The more I look at the piece, the more I recognise moments in my own experiences as a 1:1 Tutor, I was often terrified, terrified that I might not be the one that can help a person help themselves. Nowadays I tell my own family if they have had a tricky time with a teacher at school, “Are they new? It may just be that ‘you’ fell into the firing line of their own nerves.” I wish someone had taught me that growing up.

Sometimes when moments happen in our lives, when we put ourselves out there and try something new, we may over-react, create a drama or snap at people. This isn’t because we want to hurt anyone else, sometimes, just sometimes, some people haven’t yet learned how to emotionally cope when the going gets tough – you don’t have to get tougher. Just relax take a deep breath and think, what if? Being able to see an alternative perspective is the first step to helping yourself, and protecting others from non-essential firing lines.

That was my emotive review of my own writing: what did you think?

Feel free to review in the comments. I received a positive response from the Open University Future Learn participants. Yet, there is always room for more critique.


April 2018

Next week, I will return to the translating for a brief spell, because when you deviate from your journey, it is always good to understand why – and it is with a heavy mix of influences that a story can grow. 

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