A Poet Laments

So, you wanna be a poet?
That don’t impress a me much. . .

Even in solitude, I didn’t wish to be in silence mode:

Rearing up as more than one,
a time I have gathered in the days that pass along,
From single to double, neither the same
To begin, is to end and to start over once again.
To be acquainted with the experience which
Drives a great buzz, dance, dance said once
he, unable to stop filling those boots,
Falling upon a blade, classic nightmares –
Regenerate! No more is one little girl’s
Fate, predestination and a path can form
With a vision and a mindset, distracts from
A lamenting storm, transforming into the visible
Going live again to be exact. In a life that exists
Observed within the box, seeing positive
reinforcements – understand the negatives –
rearing up as more than one.

Next week: The Poetry has taken a whole new turn.

Thank you for reading. J. Spencer, May 2018



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