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Clear Out

I’ve noticed recently, my blog has started to get quite wordy. I am becoming a bit of a chatter-box, the core-self is breaking free. If these extra words have been a bit of a shock, I apologise. You see, I’ve been having a bit of a clear out, and you know when some people tend to brush stuff under the carpet, well I only went and posted my mind-clutter on the blog.

It has all become quite clear, back to poetry on a Monday, phew:

Filled with many antioxidants protects
And begins with life, detachment can be futile
Is it so important? Disconnection, reconnection
Isn’t it all the same? Stirring up emotions, bubbling
Pots and eating fennel, maybe ‘with’ we are without.
Some have it, some don’t, some need it, some won’t,
The craving is a boast a boost, an obsession and possession
Rarely ninety-nine percent, one hundred may be freed

Five-thousand. Without support an empty damp seed
Forgotten when wide awake. Attention, awareness will
Exaggerate everything that you must do, be kind, be
Clear and stop, take time out for a moment. Wander
through the memories, the histories that were once
Concoct of life, take the yeast and add some salt a little
Butter might be nice, before the propulsion, don’t throw it
Down the sink – did it rise? If not! It could become a drink.

Next Week: The poetry will continue on a Monday, why the heck not, for my accountability deadline has been exceeded May 23rd, 2018 and thankfully, no one is around to tell me to stop. I have given myself the permission of an extension, that’s what they do at the University if your coursework isn’t up to scratch. I will have to keep on scratching that itch.

I am always learning with WordPress, so once a month, probably on let’s say a Friday – I will post a progress report. Let’s see if I can be disciplined enough. At least you will know as the reader if you get a prompt: oh its the Monday Poet, or tut… just a progress report – and delete!

Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate your company.

J. Spencer, May 2018, Creative Writing




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