A (F)ilosophy for Creative Writing, Progress

True Calling

Little did I realise when I took upon the mammoth task to read and learn for myself about the realms of poetry, I could only relate to it comparatively as if being responsible for the giving birth to a new child:

Something huge is taking shape,
I can feel it. It is inside of me,
Outside of me, packages within
Packages without, it is growing.
Pastoral interweaves, the time has
Come, a new beginning, poetic repetition
Connection, disconnection, life’s repetition
Hands of time reel around the plastic
Framed. Whether to believe in it or not,
How will this huge something take shape?
Humanity will always be at stake
Look forward, create a plan.

When you begin the journey of the Poet, there are two options, one is to begin and become consumed or two, stop and let it all go. Sometimes I wish I had chosen the second option, life would have been so much easier, simpler, innocent and less complicated. Or would it?

Poetry for me, it has nurtured the Philosopher at the core: For the trials of life we endure are the learning curves, the experiences, the stepping stones in research and the need to know more, gain insights and awareness that we can either keep to ourselves, or maybe share stories and facts with future generations, to deliver more choices to others.

Is this why Writers write? I have often asked myself this question and especially women why do we write? Especially in a world that is driven by the force of which I will call masculine energy.


It is when you sit down, or maybe stand up, to read poetry, there is no escape, you have to return to the beginning, and I had to reconnect with a spiritual energy within, a religious feminine awakening.  Sounds quite mad, doesn’t it?

I did begin to question myself. Not so much when you go through the process for yourself, and allow for the time to read resources of knowledge, resources which have been handed down over thousands of years. Most Teachers today refer to Shakespeare as a historical source, but the sources of Shakespeare drift further back to a time of old, to the beginning of heaven and earth, or so it is said in the many books I have read. Generally, found in the Arden Shakespeare’s works.

However, I am not going to call out pages for this and for that, this is something I had to learn for myself, in my own time, following my own interests. I would highly recommend it. The one great piece of knowledge I have mastered over recent years, is that the information retained is representative of my own core values. I can share books that will ignite minds, but the process of learning is quite individual and just because I like Shakespeare, I don’t expect you to, too.

Interestingly, I read a final few chapters of the Christian Bible recently that said women should not speak aloud, they should share news and knowledge with their husbands who will in turn share the knowledge. Well, if I rely on that piece of news, I would be bound by traditional heritage, and have to stop blogging. Thankfully, I am all for levelling up, because women need to have a voice too, without which, how can future generations of women learn and know they have choices.

Femininity matters equally to that of Masculinity it is a mutual alliance. I can’t go back further than the 1980s in real-experience, but they were oppressive enough. I hear a true calling – discover a world filled with choices.


Thank you to Page 11 of le bebe, by M.Darrieussecq (2005), and thank you to my children for my own experiences in creating life, and thank you to Edmund Spenser and his Faerie Queene Works without which I would never have continued this adventure as one writer in progress, discovering the poetry within, and more.


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