In arms

For every second we learn of our past and the self we present, we begin to remould our own destination.

Isn’t it amazing, when with a blink of the eye
We wake up and see the light. It is absolutely
Amazing! Feeling Nourished then Flourishing
At the many sensations of a life.

In total relief, we calm, we are comfortable
Relaxed. Sniffles and moans are stifled
Enticed passionately by beautiful design
In the hollow and shade of the willow tree.

Four, five, six times then maybe, the smells
The re-edit the rhymes for my baby, nursing
The white flesh, frustratingly hungry, bury me
Alive, armed with the sobs, emotions on full.


Do you believe in pre-destination?

My recent translating antics  of a french non-fiction had something to do with this poem, and a band called Aerosmith. There is no denying, the methodology and practise of I-Ching in my experimental poetry is taking me to pastures new, but will the word on the blog be able to handle it?

J.Spencer, Creative Writing, One Writer’s Progress, June 2018



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