A (F)ilosophy for Creative Writing, Poetry

Epic Choices

I’ve decided to stick with I-Ching for the poetry exercises, thanks to Dr David Kennedy (who has past from this earth, but not forgotten) for enlightening me to the method of I-Ching. I recently found out with the Manchester University online Poetry Course that I attended digitally, I-Ching is similar to the Censa method of practise.

I live and I learn.

You know me by now,  I like to mix the a bit of people politics of the here and the now, and usually hint toward the music I hear on the radio (BBC Radio 2). Influences are everywhere, be conscious of the infections and try to let only the positive ones in.

It’s all about the kangaroo, or the joey or the Roo
No trouble it’s all about the dwelling place and the
Looms and the carrying of the loot, no trouble.

In pain, I choose comfortable, after four months
How insane the taking of fluids the pace quickens
Clamping at the bit, in training, how insane.

Use your intuition, don’t let the heart rule the head.
Deep within the gut, the legitimacy of a women
Could be a stranger, a bottle, deep within the gut.

Pat the base, playful acts, gentile purity, the
Sucking, remove the cork, finally an interest
the self, brain rebuild, I am yours, the sucking.


Did you see the message within the poem, bottle or breast, you decide? If you didn’t, no trouble.

Thanks again to my constant companion BBC Radio 2, a little contemporary music and the impact of translating  le bebe, this particular poem was influenced by pages 28 & 31; the moments of my own past; friends and family that encouraged both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding as a mother of two I can relate to the question, and I did both. Sometimes you have to make the choices that are right for you in life.

This was also a subject matter of discussion on Twitter and talked about on the radio last week. Not discussed simultaneously! That would have been tricky to note. It is good to hear real-life topics being shared  and aired so openly today.

Next time: I plan to mix-up the poetry I write onto a whole new level:

I have to also admit to the enthusiasm of Dr. J. Lawrence at the University of Hull, the words he shared as a Lecturer of the Renaissance Period were epic and infectious; thanks to his teaching I found a sincere personal passion for poetry in general, which had been in hiding.

I have no intentions of leaving Marie Darrieussecq out over the summer. I feel quite connected to her work and she remains with me for now, through her writing, for as long as she is needed.  She has become quite the guide, which is interesting, because I don’t really have a clue if I am translating her words correctly.  Every adventure has its difficulties.


J. Spencer, Creative Writing, One Writer’s Progress –

Renaissance Warrior, Vérdâlibré, June 2018


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